Sunday, July 31, 2005

130. Morning in my living room

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The CDs and I developed an intimate relationship over the next ten weeks. I was reminded of "Morning in America," that old Reagan campaign slogan, because it was always morning in my living room. From a praying point of view, the day never ended. Shaharit, the morning service, entertained my cats at midnight, after all my work was done; at 3pm, when I took a coffee break; at 5:30am, when I got up to finish a rush project and decided it was more important to sing; and at any second I could steal in between. Listen, repeat, press rewind. While everyone else last summer sang along to André 3000 as they worked, I was probably the only person in New York, and maybe the world, bopping to Yom Kippur prayers.


~Jan said...

Wonderful choice of words; were you actually "bopping?" I'd like to have seen that.

alto artist said...

I was bopping! Some of those prayers are really fast, and have an awful lot of words. The only way I could learn them was to figure out a rhythm, and then move to it while singing. (And I'm very glad that no one saw it, thank you very much.)

Regina said...

It sounds all so joyful, though, your learning process, aa... I would love to have a project like that, something that had a hold on me and wouldn't let go until I learned everything from it!