Monday, July 25, 2005

126. Emulation


I now possessed, in theory, everything--machzor, CDs, three months of practice time before the holidays-- required to learn how to be a chazzanit, except for the small matters of self-confidence and firm belief that my life hadn't turned into some sort of surreal, waking dream. I went home, popped the first disc in the CD player, and was transported to the previous Rosh Hashonah and a warm, deep, shiver-inducing voice inviting us to wake up and usher in the new year. That I was about to attempt to emulate the sounds of the cantor seemed an act of enormous chutzpah.


Regina Clare Jane said...

But that's what it takes these days, doesn't it, aa? I admire your courage- can you spare some at all?

alto artist said...

(Thank you so much, once again.