Thursday, September 16, 2021

1020. Three years later

To paraphrase Leonard Cohen (I only steal from the best): 

There is a crack in the universe--as there’s supposed to be, on some level. And I will find the light in it. 

It feels like forever since I was here. It seems almost ridiculous to note that the world has changed an awful lot lately. I'm lucky. I'm healthy, loved, safe. My challenge is to remember this.  I continue to navigate the different and attempt to steer clear of the waves up there in my head. I fear (extrapolating from those waves at least) that over the past 19 months we humans became conditioned to expect that change is always bad, Well, it has been. But it isn't always. Maybe the beach were the waves wash up.

Wishing tzom kal (an easy fast) to any human reading this who observes the holiday. This year during the Vidui section I've chosen to gently tap and caress my heart instead of beating (gently, but still) with my fist. It's helped. We've already been beaten, It's time to stop that, even while acknowledging where we all missed the mark.