Saturday, July 02, 2005

111. Something more

(Resuming the story from here. I may not be able to write very much during the next few weeks because of other commitments, but still aim to finish telling this story over the summer, before the next part begins--the next set of High Holidays.)

I then waited for something more to happen. It didn't. Weeks passed, and the cantor didn't mention it again. Maybe I misinterpreted, and his silence meant that I was on a list, most likely at the bottom, and I probably wouldn't be leading. Or maybe he changed his mind. Of course he changed his mind. I waited another few weeks and then, because the anticipation was starting to drive me crazy, approached him after services. I braced myself for a gentle dismissal.

"Yes, I'll be in touch about this very soon!" he said, and was cornered by a bar mitzvah parent before I could find out more. A few days later I got an email inviting me to a study session with the rabbis and the other few congregants who, like myself, would be leading for the first time.

I guess this meant I wasn't dreaming.

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