Tuesday, July 19, 2005

123. Donkeys

Interrupting myself, once again, to note that F. did indeed wear a tie with donkeys on it this past Shabbat. Everybody was quite impressed. Where does one obtain such a thing, you might wonder (as I did)? Apparently someone in the congregation who works for the Democrats gave it to him as a gift.


~Jan said...

I hope you will find this amusing. My daughter's boyfriend is studying Philosophy and Religion, but he's fairly new to a life of faith. Last fall, he was visiting here, reading for his OT class, when he was struck by a severe case of the giggles. The heading of the passage he was about to read said, "Balaam's Ass Talks." Matt just about died.

alto artist said...


(I noticed during services that the rabbis always referred to it as as "donkey," even though the text we were reading from said "ass." I presume they knew, from experience, that their audience's attention might wander if they said "ass" over and over in the sermon...)