Sunday, September 04, 2016

989. #Blog Elul 2016 1: Prepare

BlogElul 2016 #blogElul

So it's been quite a Year, the kind that requires a capital "Y". Last year at this time I attempted to Blog Elul, and made it to 9 days; perhaps I'll get that far again, or not. I have no expectations. If there's one thing I've learned during the intervening 12 months, it's that you never know what the passage of time might bring. Planning is a nice diversion, but honestly--the universe is in charge of all that. (Spoiler alert: I'm fine! But the journey has been interesting in the ancient Chinese curse sense of the word.)

Elul 1: Prepare. Here's a list of apparently random words you might encounter as prompts in a creative writing class. Contemplate them, and then prepare to write something interesting and cogent that incorporates each in an equally important way:

Salman Rushdie
plastic bags
swimming pool
Benjamin Moore's "Daisy Blue"
chanting (still, and always!)

The successful essay will perfectly describe my year, and perhaps help me prepare for the one ahead. More to come as this awesome month unfolds.