Wednesday, March 14, 2007

467. Good night

This Shabbat, a new turn of events: I'll be helping to lead services on Friday night as well as part of Saturday morning, since almost everyone--rabbis, student rabbis, back-up student rabbis, half the congregation--will be out of town this weekend. Three sets of High Holy Days have passed since the last time I led Shaharit, so I'm not nervous. But I still don't know the same few tongue-twister parts I've continued to avoid since 2004, and I seem to be coming down with another cold. And what would singing on Shabbat be without that added bit of excitement? (In any case, almost no one will be there to hear it if I have to croak my way through the service.)

I'm going to sleep now, practically the middle of the day, in hopes that my throat will feel like butter when I awake. 'night.

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