Friday, June 30, 2006

341. Workshop

I'll be at an a cappella singing workshop this weekend. I used to be a groupie of this sort of thing, although considered myself a fervent rather than obsessed participant. I learned almost all I know about singing at these events, including the fact that losing your place and stopping dead in the middle of a song isn't really fatal. I haven't attended in a few years, though, which will make the experience all the more interesting. I'm a very different musician these days; I used to hate singing solos, and could never imagine why anyone would want to hear me. I loved being one small component weaving in and out of a larger sound, which is why choirs and a cappella groups made me so happy. They still do--but I'm no longer afraid to stand out.

I used to read music all the time, as well--every week, every day, for fun, in the shower, etc. But I haven't looked at a Western-style score now in over a year. I feel like I was plucked out of my native country only to find that I liked the new land's foreign language better than my own. A couple of years ago I could sight-sing a complicated piece without a hitch; I hope this skill hasn't left me entirely.

And if it has... oh well. There has to be some room in my brain for new skills to grow.

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