Sunday, September 03, 2017

998. #BlogElul 8: Hear


I *love* this song. I am responsible for some (OK, many) of the almost 4 billion views of the video—really 4 billion, more than half the population of the world. My musical tastes usually gravitate to classical, with big detours to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and piyutim, but this one hit me like a truck. The words are kinda dirty, and the poetry, well, not great. ("Let's do it on the beach in Puerto Rico 'til the waves scream 'my god.'") But the Spanish sounds so lovely and lilting that they could be singing the phone book for all I care, and the utterly beautiful people in the video look to be having more fun than I've had in my entire life. They're not just acting. I've been around enough truly happy and sad people in my life to tell that they're having a genuine blast.

Oh, and the music itself. I love how the slightly electronic tinge of DY's rapping bounces off Fonsi's vocal lugubriousness. I love the insistent reggaeton beat, brand new to me, and the part at the end where the solos disappear and we hear everyone kid of ragged and joyous in the background as if we were at that party, too.

Most of all, listening to (and watching) this song is a reminder to have fun in a world with very little of that right now. And to succumb to the charms of an earworm every now and then.

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