Friday, September 15, 2017

1005. #BlogElul 15: Intend

Rosh Hashanah is in less than a week; the sleepy summer really is over. Last week I began teaching a design classes at a local college, tackling very many more work deadlines and meetings, and going to High Holy Days rehearsals. This is also the week when I traditionally start praying that no one sneezes on me in the subway.

From now until Sept. 20, I intend:
  • to get a lot of sleep (or at least more than usual)
  • to remember, every single day, how lucky I am
  • to go running at least once or twice (the pool where I swim is closed for cleaning until the end of the month, which I know is necessary to do once a year, but I just wish it weren't this month)
  • to enjoy the practicing part as much as the real thing, which won't be hard
  • to be patient with myself and others, and remember that we are all flawed human beings, and are trying our best
  • to do whatever I can to fulfill these intentions during all the months after Tishrei, as well.

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