Monday, August 28, 2017

996. #BlogElul 6: Want

My first thought, upon reading this prompt, was that this would be a very short one. Only one want consumes most of my waking hours these days: a new president.

But I—we—can't have that right now, or perhaps (I gasp and choke to even type these words) for many years to come.

So, in the interim, I want:
  • To find the strength to remain calm and rational when reading the news.
  • To become a little less obsessed with reading the news.
  • To seek out small, quiet acts of goodness around me that I often overlook in the course of mundane life: The friend who calls to check up. The stranger in the coffee shop who asks how I'm doing. Community members who come together to scrub off the swastika graffiti defacing a church (yes, this happened), and instead plaster the wall with messages of love.
  • To remember that all these little goodnesses will continue to multiply as more people witness them in action, and understand that action is possible.
Sure, I want lots of other personal stuff. But all the above has to take precedence right now.

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