Sunday, July 27, 2008

713. Google interlude

Every once awhile I check my infinitely fascinating Sitemeter stats to see who found this blog via Google. Last week someone from a Hard Rock Hotel domain arrived via "chazzerai," aka various forms of pig-like schmutz. (Yes, I'm proud to say that I came up fourth on that honorable list, although have since been bumped to page 2.)

Why would someone at the Hard Rock Google "chazzerai"? Maybe a guest at the hotel heard the word during a show and wondered what it meant? I don't generally think of Yiddish phrases as part of the entertainment at this type of venue, but you never know--perhaps one of the hip musicians was a follower of Kabbalah trying to reclaim his or her cultural heritage. Or maybe the older manager of a rock star, or a patron at a restaurant, voiced a complaint, and the recipient consulted Google for a translation.

Or some bored teenager sitting in a hotel lobby was passing the time with a laptop, just as I did with all the books in the gift shop when when my parents slept late during Passover week at Brown's Hotel.

In any case, I hope this post cleared up any confusion.


Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

I had someone recently from Copenhagen taking a peek at my blog. I do love Sitemeter since it provides us with info on how people often find us, but sometimes when it just has my link as the entry, I marvel at how someone came across me. Yipes!

On an unrelated note, a friend was raving about a website I thought you might be interested in, if you don't already know about it: I'm sure you already DO know about it, but just in case ... :)

alto artist said...

Thank you--I do know that site--it is indeed great!

After my last post about Jews of Uganda I had a whole bunch of hits from, you guessed it, Uganda. Really fascinating.


Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Well I have no idea how you found me...but I am glad you did. Google not withstanding...I am convinced God wanted me to be connected to you. Besides, you are cool as all heck!

San Francisco and Atlanta were amazing!

alto artist said...

Likewise on all accounts! (I found you via a link on "Not just About Cancer"...which I found via a link from somewhere else...all very, very fortuitous surfing.) I look forward to reading more about those amazing trips!