Tuesday, July 22, 2008

711. Sugar

The other week I attended a shiva minyan for an amazing woman, the mother of a congregant whom I've known for years. (The more of these I attend, the more lives I get to glimpse, the more I understand that each and every one of us is amazing.) We heard about her goodness and stubbornness; her humor, generosity, pragmatism, and spontaneity; and how she never uttered a mean word. And we saw her in the gentle smile and tears of her son. Just when it seemed that the evening's stories had all been told, he remembered something that happened the day before. The doorman, who's not Jewish and for whom English is a second language, was understandably concerned about all the recent traffic in and out of the apartment. The family explained what happened, and that the volume of visitors was a great thing. The doorman thereafter gladly directed all crowds upstairs where, he explained, the family was "sipping sugar."

Perfect pronunciation, in my opinion. What better metaphor for sharing memories of sweetness and love?

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Regina said...

Oh, isn't that great?!