Sunday, May 25, 2008

679. "And it was good."

I am surrounded by beauty even as I sit in my apartment--not the lovely walls desperately crying for a paint job, but the orange sunset out my window. Cats curling up next to each other like apostrophes. But nothing at this moment is more beautiful thank the little symbol in the upper right-hand corner of my laptop menu bar: five sold, curved lines radiating out from each other with confidence and conviction.

Over the last few days I've logged enough hours on the phone to earn a certificate in wireless technology. I've spoken to many nice people in India and California, and some not so nice. I also discovered that so many networks are now vying for bandwidth in this general vicinity that the signal in my apartment can no longer reach from one end to the other, as it has for years, without the 8021.X equivalent of vitamins (or Viagra). My name is doubtless on few companies' phone support versions of the Ten Most Wanted list and (partly to make amends for losing my temper) I now own two shiny, new pieces of equipment with flashing lights. At this point I would really rather go back to the world of pencils, paper and carrier pigeons.

Still, I'm typing these words from the comfy chair in my bedroom, just like in the old days. I wish I could reclaim the lovely, sunny Sunday I lost while repeatedly plugging and unplugging, but can't complain. Back to our regularly-scheduled posts about singing and stuff.

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