Saturday, February 23, 2008

638. The Band's Visit

I just saw a wonderful movie: The Band's Visit, the story of a little Egyptian police band who find themselves in the wrong, boring backwater Israeli town. Like Seinfeld or Waiting For Godot, it's the story of spending a great deal of time doing nothing at all, and the unexpected encounters and connections we find as a result. The Band's Visit is drily funny and a little sentimental, with dialogue so sparse it could have been a poem. It unfolds against a stark sand backdrop like a slow, sky-blue dream (the color of the Egyptians' very proper uniforms, which they never remove). It is also, like almost every movie made in Israel, a metaphor for the the Arab-Israeli conflict. We all have loneliness in common no matter what our backgrounds or beliefs. But you don't have to think about politics when you watch this movie--just people, and how we can meet each other deeply even under the least expected, most threatening of circumstances.


Regina said...

Oh, I'm thrilled about your review. It's playing at our local theater- imagine that- so I may take myself on a date and see it!

alto artist said...

Cool--I hope you enjoy it!