Sunday, February 03, 2008

618. Naked bathers

Because my day was split between the gym, where I watched "America's Next Top Model" on the little treadmill TV, and work, where I attempted to design a website for 20-something male hip-hop fans, my spiritual muscles are a little atrophied at the moment. So in lieu of words of Torah, here instead are words of Google. The most popular searches to get to my blog:

percoset (the leader by far)
sunbreeze oil
ani l'dodi v'dodi li
baruch dayan emet
shiva minyan
song of ascents
el maleh rahamim

Somewhat predictable. The following phrases which brought their single searchers to this blog, less so:

aliya gumby (um, I think only human beings are eligible...)

barbarino family in lodi nj

vinnie barbarino hot photos (maybe they're stashed in the attic in Lodi...)

can you break a washing machine by over filling it? (Yes.)

can i sit on a leather couch on tisha beav (Yes.)

dentist bad pain mad fingers chair neck (I'm sorry.)

embarrassing cantor singing (I'm sorry.)

i think my washing machine burnt out (I'm sorry.)

false pretenses for oriental rug (That's terrible.)

goosebumps kavannah (That's wonderful!)

havdalah set - dental theme (uh...)

how to write a paragraph for a patient in a dentist chair while listening to music and hearing drilling in your ears (I hope I was able to be of some help.)

how to sleep with your sister-in-law

pews are supposed to be uncomfortable (They are, especially while you're sleeping with your sister-in-law. Serves you right.)

i'm here (Hi.)

what's my torah portion? (I don't know.)

why are so many buildings under scaffolding new york city (I don't know.)

scottish lullaby with the word torah in it (I'll email Rabbi MacDonald.)

blog naked bathers (None of that here, but how about some Torah, instead? Hello?)


Regina said...

Google is so weird!
Where does the percoset come in?

alto artist said...

From here--this toothache will haunt me forever, Google-wise--

(but, hey, maybe I'm providing a little spiritual painkilling for the Percoset-directed folks, who knows!)