Wednesday, December 27, 2006

431. RIP, G3

My laptop died last night. Condolences accepted, although its demise was not sudden. It was six years old and I basically had to kick it, hold my breath, and pray each time I wanted to turn it on. So I rarely shut down--except last night, right before its final sleep. In a last-ditch attempt at CPR, at 2AM I made an appointment online to drag it at 8AM to the 24/7 "Genius Bar" at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store. Which was kind of fun... unshowered, in sweats, I felt like a native alien amidst the hyper, early-rising tourists. Little kids sat on beanbag chairs playing video games on iBooks. Over in the corner a big group of senior citizens were learning, from a really young, really loud guy, how to create movies and blogs with iLife. I have no doubt the store is this lively even at 4AM, in an only-in-New-York kind of way. They really do have Geniuses at the Bar, however, and everyone's very nice.

I lost nothing important, thank goodness, since the laptop's contents were backed up on my work computer and Google Docs. An old file of blog post ideas bit the dust, but probably for the best... if I still hadn't written about it since making a note last January, it couldn't have been important. Another cheap, old, used iBook is in the mail at this very moment, thanks to Until it arrives, no client presentations and probably fewer posts. I have a hard time writing at my work computer; it feels like work. The sofa or Starbucks with my laptop does not.

I do remember the final note I made on that vanished document:


(To be continued.)

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