Sunday, December 17, 2006

422. Some questions

Why has someone else in France (or maybe it's the same Google searcher as before) stumbled upon "on chanting" en route to "rabbi fever"? Why did eight people over two days last week, from all different parts of the country, find me by typing "kumbaya definition"?

How's the health of the friend or relative of whomever searched for "heart attack during Shabbat service"? A refuah shleimah (get well soon) to you.

I guess some things in this life are meant to remain mysteries.

I just added a new item to the left side of this page: the JTA Jewish news RSS feed. Why? Because I thought it was cool that I could, and seeing it every day will force me to read Jewish news (or at least the headlines). The JTA ("Jewish Telegraphic Agency") is a wonderful organization that's been gathering and disseminating global Jewish news since 1917 from across the entire spectrum of political and religious beliefs.

Last question of the morning: why did I wake up with a sore throat? Better now than right before major holidays involving singing, I guess. But, feh.


Jessica said...

I hope your sore throat is better.

I too get a huge kick of seeing how people ended up on my blog: recent favorites include searches for "change a windshield wiper" and "tamarind soup base recipe."

alto artist said...


Thank you for visiting, and for linking me from your blog! (I am being very egalitarian and not linking anyone, or else I would certainly return the favor... and I look forward to reading your site.) And thank you, as well, about the sore throat; it seems to have turned into one of those unpleasant runny eyes and sneezing things. I will rely on the miracle of DayQuil to get me through chanting Torah tomorrow and Tues. mornings. What fun.