Wednesday, May 31, 2006

328. Geeky post that has nothing to do with chanting

(Interrupting the story.)

When not thinking about Judaism, I'm trying to master the art of procrastination. To that end, please see the sidebar of this blog, where I've categorized all my posts with and got the topics to show up via FreshTags. If I were using a different blogging platform, I could add the tags within the application. But I like Blogger, so this solution will do until they decide to support tags. The only annoying feature of FreshTags is that after you've read a post selected via the dropdown list, you need to go back to the blog home page in order to access that list once again. It's still a pretty cool little program. I think tags are also picked up by Technorati, so I'm now categorized up the wazoo and can sleep well at night. I'm not sure why this makes me happy, but it does.


Update Nov. '06: Blogger Beta now supports labels, which I've applied to every post! Much easier, although FreshTags was great as an interim solution.


Greg said...

Hi there,

Hmm, FreshTags shouldn't behave like that ... you should see the tags and post titles in all pages ie when you visit a post page, the tags/titles should still be listed in the sidebar the same as on the main page.

I looked at your source, and it seems the FreshTags code (and archives etc) is not present at all on the post pages - do you have <MainPage> ... </MainPage> tags around the code in your blogger template? If so, when you remove them you will get FreshTags on all pages.

If this doesn't sort it out, please drop us a note at Freshblog and we'll get it sorted out for you.

alto artist said...


Whoa, what service! Thank you for noting my annoyance and responding so quickly. I don't see < MainPage > ... < /MainPage > tags in my template...what else could I be doing wrong? (I'll post this question to your blog, as well.)


Regina said...

Pretty cool feature nonetheless, aa. A little geekiness never hurt anyone. BTW, Chag Sameach!

alto artist said...

Thank you! (About to stop work soon so I can take a nap in preparation for staying up all night for the Tikkun...)