Friday, February 10, 2006

275. My other life

A friend just sent me this link, which bears inclusion as a fairly accurate depiction of how (until this past year, when I took a leave from my chorus) I used to spend hours and hours each week. It's a commercial for Honda Civic UK. Their creative challenge (a phrase I use ad nauseum in my work life, too): convey the human, personal side of the car through the sounds of a choir. In addition to Bach and a bunch of 20th century French guys, my old chorus sang a lot of music written last Tuesday, some of it gorgeous and melodic and some less so. I became expert, over the course of ten years, at making many strange sounds not found in nature, and doing my best not to laugh in the process. The choir in this commercial could be us, performing to an enthusiastic but far from sold-out audience at an impressively major concert hall in New York.

Here's the link:

Skip the intro, then click "Watch" at the bottom--and after that, click on the link to the mini-documentary about the rehearsal process.

I miss my old chorus, and hope to return one day when I get a little better at time management. But given the choice between singing and having fun, and singing and having fun while talking to God, I'll choose the latter every time.


~Jan said...

Wow! And they were actually holding "music"--I'd love to see those sheets, up close. Great fun, thanks for the link.

alto artist said...

Cool, glad you liked it--and I'm sure they're holding a very serious, dense, and possibly illegible (without use of a microscope) kind of music, with every 64th note, shreik, hum, and gurgle annotated in markings fluent to advanced musicology PhD student but obscure to the rest of us.