Friday, February 03, 2006

270. Winding down

(Interrupting myself...)

It's certainly been a week. But it's almost Shabbat, which seems to put everything back together. And I'm helping lead the late service again, this (twelfth) time with the woman who taught me how to chant. We'll be accompanied by amazing musicians (who are also cute guys, adding to my personal enjoyment of the evening) on oud, guitar, cello, and percussion. Not a rabbi in sight; they--four, plus two interns, plus the cantor, plus twelve more visiting for a rabbi-centric event this weekend--will be having dinner right downstairs from us. It's a little daunting that they trust me to do this important thing in the presence of so many people who really know what they're doing--and also comforting that an overabundance of expertise and kavannah (prayerful intention) will be emanating from below our feet, quite literally.

Fridays are a little crazy on those rare occasions when I lead the early service; I need to stop work by 3PM in order to have time to wind down and warm up by 5:30 or 6 (depending upon the time of year). But the late service doesn't start until 7:15, allowing me an hour or two to chill out, contemplate, write (like now), snooze, and enjoy the brief luxury of idleness. It feels like time spent on a airplane, where there's really nothing you can do but sit and anticipate the good place you're about to visit.

A wonderful, rejuvenating Shabbat Shalom to everyone out there.

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