Thursday, June 09, 2005

94. Practical

Beyond that wonderful, safe, joyous feeling, my thoughts made little sense to myself, which was alarming. Everyone was still standing, praying the silent Amidah as the sun edged across the cabin floor. So I took a deep breath and continued to read, unable to articulate what happened yet wanting to jump up and down and scream about it to anyone who would listen.

We had lunch and then a study session about Judaism's approach to being single in a coupled world. Maybe, suggested the rabbi, there should be ceremonies for divorce as well as marriage, to mark a transition that was equally important in life. I had no idea my religion ever thought about such things. It was a surprise to me, in fact, that my religion was concerned with anything practical, aside from raising money.

I said not a word about my strange little moment of awareness, pushing it away for later contemplation. Or maybe not, if I decided my thoughts were irrational. I really wasn't sure. This was also a singles weekend, and I wanted my money's worth. Expounding upon my new understanding of God to a complete stranger didn't seem like the best kind of first impression.

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