Thursday, June 30, 2005

109. Drowning

I was afraid to talk about it, the baffling and exhilarating moment, the something that happened, for weeks and months afterwards. It was like falling into deep, clandestine love at first sight. During downtime at work, and deep into the night at home, I typed "Judaism" into search engines and ingested thousands of words. When the explanations and commentary became too dense, I kept the moment close by going back and re-reading old stuff. All I wanted to do, for a very long time, was drown in Jewish information.


Adinah said...

Reb Zalman has a new book out (which I will probably get, called Jewish With Feeling), in, what I will keep as brief as I can here due to space...I'll edit some of his comments...."Faith he writes, is like swimming the backstroke, reaching above and behind into an unknown we cannot see......."
"Judaism is distinctive in its gift for aligning individuals with nature's clock, it's teachings on conscious consumption, it's living dialogue with the texts that are the beating heart of the universe and it's ability to maintain faith and connection to G-d despite powerlessness and uncertainty."
I loved that last line. I drown myself's easy to do. There is always so much, and I always want more. Shalom

alto artist said...

What a beautiful quote...thank you. Sounds like an amazing book that I will have to read one of these days.