Friday, December 24, 2010

967. Update!

Yes, another post not about chanting, and with an exclamation point in the title to boot—update received from my stem cell recipient, and so far all is well! Engraftment was successful, meaning that her body didn't reject my cells and they're starting the process of creating a new immune system. She's home from the hospital, although not yet out of the woods (rejection, infection, and other nasty things could happen at a later date)—but this was the first big hurdle. I'm glad to able to say "congratulations" in my answer to her note.

I am now very proud of my stem cells, if I say so myself, and of God (and many teams of doctors) for knowing what to do with them. This is great news to have at the start of the secular year, just as donating those cells was a fitting way to begin the Jewish new year. Good timing on the part of the universe, which sometimes does get it right.


Laura said...

this is marvelous news...the human body and it's capacity to heal is nothing short of miraculous! (As well as the human mind that God also fashioned with wisdom!) I think this is why I love Asher Yatzar so is a daily reminder of how truly awesome it is to be an embodied soul...God's breath flowing through us daily.

alto artist said...

Thank you! Embodied souls--what a beautiful way to describe life. And that's one of my favorite prayers, as well--my friends and I talked about it as I sat there giving the donation, watching my blood flow out of the tubes and valves of my body and then through external ones, and then back into mine. Just amazing.