Monday, December 13, 2010

966. What is the Qur'an?

Here's an excellent video, linked from Islamicate:

"What is the the Qur'an? An Agnostic Jew Speaks. Lesley Hazelton at TEDx."

(TEDxs are "independently organized TED events.") The title says it all, and the speaker is brilliant, straightforward, and funny. And I wish she could have been at my side at a recent gathering when a member of my extended family severely tested my commitment to shalom bayit. I bit my tongue and knew I'd lost the argument before even uttering a word, because he was the kind of guy interested in no opinion but his own (wrong, scary, bigoted one). Lesley Hazelton could have made him a believer, however.

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Laura said...

Thank you for posting this...for bringing light to dark hearts unwilling to open to both connection and mystery. Both. B'tzelem Elohim.