Sunday, December 20, 2009

870. Caught up

For the time being. I don't even have a Torah portion to learn; no upcoming chanting on the horizon. My challenge now is to take advantage of this open space—work on projects I've put off for too long, hang out with friends, go to the gym, refrain from panicking about work that hasn't yet materialized (but will; it always does, somehow), do... nothing.

I spent some of that nothing time last night figuring out how to hook up my laptop to my TV. It worked, which means that when my three students come here to learn trope in preparation for their group Bat Torah this spring, we can all be in the same room—including the one who's in Brazil for four months, joining us via Skype. The newest technology meets the oldest. Maybe that's why the Masoretes left off all the vowels; they're too small to be seen by a webcam.

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Laura said...

Skype is so amazing! Continue to have faith that work will come your way...meanwhile enjoy this sweet gift of time that is your own.

bright blessings,