Sunday, December 13, 2009

868. Light

Not too many posts here lately, I'm sorry to say--during my woefully tiny daily writing window, I've been busy struggling with a longer piece for my class. For now, wishing everyone a wonderful, renewed and rededicated season of light. Here's how it looked tonight from my window, with parts of Manhattan and Queens in the distance.


Laura said...

I love the way the candle lights are reflected in the window. At our synagogue when we have a special program or simcha and form two lines in the atrium of the shul (beneath the skylights) for havdallah I have a tendency to look up at the reflections and point it out to my always feels like angels among us shining extra lights from the heavens...mirroring our actions...extending the holiness of Shabbat into the week that is to come. I have a sense of this in your photo as well.

chag urim sameach,

alto artist said...

Thank you! and what a great image, those angels coming down here to help us shine the lights. Makes me want to put Shabbat candles in that same window each week, as well, to encourage the angels to join us for an even longer time.