Sunday, May 24, 2009

814. You might think

A teacher of mine once remarked that Judaism operates on the principle of "You might think." You might think, by all outward appearances, that this text (holiday, ritual, mitzvah, etc.) is saying X. But, in fact, it says Y, or even Z. (Discuss.) So you might think, since I haven't written in about a month, that I am no longer blogging. Not so. I just got a little tired, and maybe even burnt out. It happens; all is well. Meanwhile, I Twittered (er, Tweeted, whatever) and was surprised at how much time and energy was required to compose those two or three or ten pithy, pointed lines, and for a month was dissuaded from trying to write any more.

But after reading many articles like this one about the dangers and benefits of being distracted by constant media input, I decided that the flow of new ideas, even in tiny, Twitter-like bites, was a great way to whet my creative appetite. I just need to remember to stop occasionally, take a deep breath, and reboot. I think that was the purpose of this past month of 140 characters at a time. I'm still singing, chanting, writing, pondering Torah (and #torah), and all those other important things that make up life--and will be blogging about them once again very soon.


George said...

Glad you are back - you were missed.

alto artist said...

Thank you! I missed being here, too.