Saturday, March 15, 2008

658. Farewell, Blog 365

So this was a good experiment, and I proved to myself that I can find the discipline to write every day if I really try. But it's also good to go about life without imagining how every experience can be translated into a post. I think a few substantive paragraphs a week, my original intention, makes more sense rather than feeling forced to fill up space. And perhaps I will pick another month of the year and commit to NaBloPoMo.

Meanwhile, back to our regularly scheduled week--shavu'a tov!


Leah in Chicago said...

Oh, goodbye blogger. Come back in November!

alto artist said...

The blogger isn't leaving, just Blog 365 the concept! I didn't meant to be unclear/alarming! I will be back in a day or two, just catching my breath.


p.s. thank you for reading!

Regina said...

That's wgyy I quit blogging, actually- I got tired of looking at my life thorugh a blogger lens! I do keep a poetry journal, though. There I can make up any life I want to, whenever I want to!
As always, I look forward to reading anything you have to write about!
p.s. thanks for everything- wink, wink!

Regina said...

Wow- forgive the spelling error... it's "why"!
You knew that, of course!