Sunday, September 23, 2007

529. Yom Kippur 5768, part 1

I woke up at 5:29AM, a minute before the alarm and half an hour before I really had to be awake. I lay in bed for many minutes wondering what the day would bring. I finally got up at 6, and went into the living room to practice as the sun rose. I said a special prayer of thanks for the evening service of Kol Nidre, where I sung loudly in the crowd and was able to do most of the work of warming up even before I went to sleep. At 7:30, wearing a long white skirt, black running shoes, grey T-shirt declaring me "Property of ER" (bought on the set during a vacation in LA, first one I grabbed out of the drawer) and knapsack containing a big white tallit, mahzor, white blouse, non-leather shoes (very uncomfortable, must replace next year--fasting is hard enough without foot pain on top of it), and toothbrush (you're not really supposed to do this on Yom Kippur, but I have not yet ascended to the stage of observance where I can sing for an entire day while fasting and not brush my teeth halfway through), and set out to walk three miles to the Very Big, Fancy Theater.

I expected the streets of Manhattan to be empty so early on a Saturday, but they were filled with tourists, joggers, people buying newspapers and carrying Starbucks cups, shopkeepers opening stores, bleary-eyed people walking dogs, and other random New Yorkers doing random New York morning things.

(Continued here.)

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