Tuesday, September 04, 2007

519. Begin again

How could another year have passed when I wasn't looking? As Judy Collins said, I really don't know time at all. (She actually said "life" and "love"... same thing.) This afternoon I had my first High Holy Day rehearsal and, dare I say, it felt almost routine; "Uvechen" flew more trippingly off my tongue than ever before. We pretended it was an alternate universe Yom Kippur and zipped through shorthand versions of all the prayers. Two more rehearsals to go this weekend with the other ensembles, since I'll be leading at three different locations. But today marked the real beginning of preparations for a different reason: I took my tallitot in to be dry-cleaned. In honor of my Lower East Side forebears, I even bargained down the price.

On my agenda for the coming week: a mound of work, much of it overdue; refraining from catching a cold; teshuva.


Regina said...

Yes, the cold thing... good idea :)
Hope all the work and preparations go smoothly!
I know, time is the one thing we can all count on to keep going, whether we like it or not. I never thought I would make a year without daddy, but it seems I have... whether I want to or not...
Can't wait to hear about the High Holy Days!

alto artist said...

Thank you!!