Thursday, April 12, 2007

481. Very good

This has been a week full of angels, and I've been speechless in response. One of them gave me this perfect, elegant yad for my birthday and celebration of five years of chanting Torah; I'll use it for the first time in a few hours when I read my favorite list (Leviticus version) at morning minyan. Some other angels made it possible for me to go to Israel again this summer with my synagogue. And the rest--I have no words to describe. Bereshit says it best, and I will add an exclamation point: "And it was good!"


Regina said...

Wow! Can you send some of those angels my way?! How wonderful for you! And happy birthday, my dear friend!
And I am so excited that you will go to Israel again! B"H!

alto artist said...

Thank you!!