Thursday, January 11, 2007

440. More family

Because I'm too (insert some Yiddish word here that I don't know, but which surely means a mix of frazzled, stressed out, and confused) to write at the moment, I'll post another great old photo instead. I'm not sure when (1930s?) or where (Canada? The Bronx?) this was taken; it's my father's entire side of the family. Unlike my mother's side, a number of people remain alive who can identify these faces. See if you can find my father and very young half-brother.

And what's that trophy for at the bottom?


Regina said...

Hmm... is your father the guy in the top row, second to the last on the right side? Or maybe the guy to his right? Maybe it's a trophy for the biggest family!
I love old family photos! Thanks for sharing these, aa!

alto artist said...

You're welcome--and you got it on the first guess!