Tuesday, January 02, 2007

434. En route

No laptop computer yet, although it's rapidly nearing Parsippany, NJ, and in another few days will be hurled out of a UPS truck and deposited onto my lobby floor. I'm counting the minutes; writing on this... this other thing is as much fun as picking olives out of Greek salad. (I hate olives.)

This computer reminds me of everything about which I remain silent on this blog, because I already spend quite enough time with reality. Some of that other stuff has been causing me a lot of stress, even as I know I'm incredibly lucky in this life. And I feel even luckier today than yesterday, because I'm the recipient of a wonderful kindness. I always knew I wasn't alone, that God and many friends were always with me, but it's nice to be reminded.

Please join me in praying for safe transit over the Hudson for that UPS box.


Regina said...

Aaargghh... those transit companies leave A LOT to be desired. Here's hoping for a safe journey and even safer deposit on your doorstep and on to your lap!

alto artist said...

Thank you!!

Jessica said...

Good luck with getting your laptop soon!!

It's such a shock to all of a sudden not have a computer, isn't it?

Have fun with your new toy!