Friday, October 13, 2006

389. Happy next chunk of holidays!

So I spent the past two evenings writing a little essay for my synagogue newsletter about morning minynan, and couldn't wait to post it here...and then noticed a footnote on the last page: "Material cannot be reprinted without permission." I'm all for bending rules, but it seemed too early in the year to commit such a blatant sin.

Instead, I'll note that the final stretch of holidays is about to begin: Hoshanah Rabbah this morning ("the great 'Save us'"), at which we beat our lulavs to a pulp against the floor and listen for the final *click* as those gates really close; Shabbat and Shemini Atzeret tomorrow ("the assembly of the eighth day," the conclusion of Sukkot), allowing us to catch our breath for a few hours; and then Simhat Torah tomorrow night and most of the day on Sunday, when I will dance until I drop and not really believe the holidays are over.

Moadim l'simha to all, a phrase that's awkward to translate: "Happy intermediate days of Sukkot!" And happy beginning and concluding days, too, of every season of every year to come.

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