Sunday, September 17, 2006

378. Baruch dayan emet

Yes, I used that same title a few days ago. It's the traditional phrase to speak upon hearing of a death and, sadly, my dear friend R.'s father passed away this morning after a long illness. I was privileged to spend time with he and R. last night and say goodbye.

A long post will follow eventually; I tried to write, but it didn't work. The short version: When I learned a few years ago about hakhnasat orhim, the mitzvah of welcoming strangers just like Abraham did with the angels, I immediately thought of Mr. S. (I could never bring myself to call him by a first name, as if I was still 14. I guess part of me always will be.) His home was open to me after a long journey when I most needed a friend, and a family. He and R. have been a blessing in my life beyond any words I can think of right now.

Last night was Selihot, the opening of the gates of heaven in preparation for the New Year. But I think they opened just for Mr. S., whose soul deserved the grandest possible welcome.


Regina said...

Again, aa., blessings for your friend and their family, and also for you. Would we call all say we are deserving of such a welcome...

alto artist said...

Many, many thanks, once again.