Friday, September 15, 2006

377. Less serious

It occurred to me that I haven't written anything in awhile that wasn't awfully serious. Last year at this time I was learning new music, reminiscing about the events of the previous High Holy Days, and having a great time cracking myself up. This year--well, the world is going to hell in a handbasket, I'm leading Minha for the first time but already know the tunes, and today learned of the doctor, clearly lacking a full complement of human genes, who said to my dear friend about her father, "Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, who knows." And then shrugged and walked out of the hospital room.

But I'm pretty sure grim events have always taken place. The difference this year, I think, is that I can see them--as well as their flip side, really magnificent things--much better than before. When you choose to open the window, who knows what might drift in: old newspapers, errant butterflies caught in a gust of wind. Blink and you might miss the flash of color; keep your eyes open and gasp in astonishment.

Meanwhile, this did make me laugh (and, on behalf of my cats, who are of course vastly superior to all others but will never match the achievement shown below, feel the sting of intellectual inferiority):

Funny YouTube cat video


~Jan said...

Sophie can do that, too! Apparently there's some toilet-flushing gene common in cats, a holdover from the prehistoric toilet-flushing sabre-toothed tiger.

If you'd like, she'll give lessons to your two. It may be that they just need some remedial help.

alto artist said...

Oh, they would love that!--but they don't get out much. (It's having to reach that pesky elevator button, and the lack of opposable thumbs.) They also have an unfair disadvantage: a Flush-O-Meter (standard equipment in 100-year-old NYC apartments) at times requiring the strength of a linebacker to operate, vs. a modern tank toilet that flushes at the slightest touch of a paw. Oh, well... they'll just have to continue amusing themselves by doing advanced calculus.

Sharon said...

Thank you so much for that link, Alto. I've now forwarded it to a couple of dozen of my closest friends. It took a while, I had to stop laughing first.