Sunday, June 13, 2010

926. Over my head

Last week I discovered a Google group:


Yes, it's all about leining (aka chanting Torah). But this time I wasn't barred for being female; times have changed. Or maybe just in this little corner of Google, where experts are humble enough to type the word with a lower-case "l". Discussions about the minutiae of trope, how exciting! So I began to read...

... and understood about 1/10th of what they were talking about. No, that's generous. Perhaps 1/100th. Who knew there could be such minutiae about munachs, and I do own the Jacobson book; this group leaves it in the dust. All participants (just men so far, because few women have yet been able to spend lifetimes amassing this kind of knowledge) seem to have favorite rabbis or sages who know the definitive way to sing a pazer and everything else. It's fascinating, and kind of exciting to be in over my head, and I will continue to read in hopes that 1/10th, or even 1/100th of the information shared will seep into some small corner of my brain.

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~Jan said...

Hello again! I've done a little bit of reading to try to catch up--have a way to go. I'd love to fill you in a bit on my life, too (assuming you're interested)...feel free to send me an email at jan_ackerson(at)yahoo(dot)com.