Tuesday, January 26, 2010

898. Moses

Speaking of Parashat Beshalah, Moses is coming down from the mountain tomorrow.

OK, not really. But according to Business Week, Steve Jobs' wildly anticipated announcement this coming Wednesday of a new kind of tablet computer (tablet, get it?) is prophetic and threatens to change life as we know it. Or something like that:

The Tablet as Totem: Is Steve Jobs Our Moses?

I am the world's biggest iPhone fan, and probably more people will be at the foot of our moden-day Sinai, aka the Internet, than at the original one* to hear this announcement, but I don't think we'll be adding a Sixth Book of Jobs any day soon. (And, despite any phenomenal numbers of tablet sales, the symbolism of the apple in the Torah will still be pretty negative. Sorry, Steve.)


* That is, without adding in all those other Jews who ever existed or will exist, traditionally also at the mountain that day (a concept that terrified me as a child—even more crowded than the subway at rush hour!).


Laura said...

Threatens to change life as we know it? Threatens? Really? Well the tablets Moses brought down sure rocked the world...

It shall be revealed.

alto artist said...

Yep, NOTHING can ever be as cool as those original Tablets.