Saturday, August 09, 2008

717. Ayekah

At Shabbat services the rabbi noted that "Eikha," alas, woe is me, can also be read, with different vowels, as "Ayekah"--where are you? We accept God's rebuke, but God will only hear that question if we shift our emphasis a bit.

Here's a great post about this holiday and the most recent reason we as Jews must ask for God's patience and forgiveness:

What Tisha B’Av Can Teach Us About AgriProcessors

And two others that try to explain the difficult verse I'm about to chant and still don't undertand:

To Prey or to Pray? The Lessons of Famine on Tisha B’Av

Why Will You Cry?

Wishing us all a day of hearing God, being honest with ourselves, looking out for each others' welfare, and striving to learn from our mistakes.

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