Wednesday, January 30, 2008

614. End times

Off topic, but this has been bugging me: Two years ago I got annoyed with the nonsensical slogan of a nearby condo development. That building was built, and its overpriced apartments are selling like hotcakes even though they represent an impossible state in the space-time continuum ("Traditional Living Like Never Before").

Apparently the same copywriter found another job with the marketing staff of an even more luxurious building. I passed this frightening sign last week:

"21st Century Pre-War Residences"

Does the developer know something the rest of us do not? Should I be constructing a concrete bunker in my bedroom and stocking up on canned food? Will the Statue of Liberty topple before all the apartments are sold? Yikes.

(Note for those unfamiliar with Manhattan real-estate lingo: in sensible sentences, "pre-war" refers to apartments built before 1945.)


Regina said...

I read in an Anne Frank biography that since WW1, there have only been 4 days that have not seen war. So... that guy would have to go back a long way for any "pre-war" residences!
I have to get to Manhattan before it blows!
p.s. tried to comment before but couldn't manage it on my stinky computer!

alto artist said...

4 days!! That's even more depressing than a $2 million 1-bedroom apartment (typical cost of one of these new-fangled pre-wars)...