Sunday, May 13, 2007

493. Order, part 1

I spent Friday making months and months of schedules for an ongoing client project. I grumbled--I'm a designer! I should be doing something creative!--but was also secretly very satisfied with myself. (Well, not so secretly now that I've admitted it to the whole blog-reading world.) I like order and organization. I don't mind chaos, either, which can be fun and freeing, but everything has its season. During services this Friday, as we welcomed the evening and its ongoing, rolling waves of light into darkness, I imagined God as the very first professional organizer (making it the world's REALLY oldest profession), as He noted the messy state of tohu vavohu ("without form") and chose to divide the void into neat pieces of light, darkness, sky, and earth. Much later in the story (this past week's parasha, for example), we're treated to His obsession with the fruits of order and justice. If God had a sock drawer, it would be in better shape than Martha Stewart's.

(Continued here.)

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