Tuesday, November 21, 2006

408. And now for something completely different

Thank you, Regina Clare Jane--my first meme. Just typing these words makes me feel like a card-carrying member of the bleeding edge of Web 2.0 and other bloviated nomenclature I flung about with abandon when I worked in a Silicon Alley loft with a dog, iguana, and dozens of people younger and cooler than I who dressed in black and took breaks from designing websites in order to drink beer, play vintage Frogger, listen to obscure 80s music, and count their stock options.

So I guess that's #1 of "Five things no one knows about me:" I used to be one of those people. Four others, none having to do with chanting or Judaism and all true, even though they might not sound like it:

2. I won a city-wide poster design contest sponsored by the ASPCA when I was 12 and Andy Warhol, and his dog, presented me with the award ($25 and a necklace).

3. I encountered Andy Warhol again four years later when a friend and I crashed an art opening, drank too much free champagne, and got Mr. Warhol to autograph some oranges.

4. I kept the oranges in the refrigerator for the next two years until they shriveled into nothingness, much like Andy himself.

5. I once fainted from eating too much garlic and, in the process, almost drowned in a bowl of soup.

I don't think I can publicly tag three other people, alas, because many of my blogging friends are completely anonymous and don't want to be linked from anywhere... Perhaps I will tag them in private, and the meme will propagate anew.

That felt good. Now back to our regularly scheduled spiritual angst.


Regina said...

Whoa- the Andy Warholl stuff is amazing. And I never knew...
It is a cool meme... thanks for doing it.

Mata H said...

Someone can faint from eating too much garlic??? How much is too much???

alto artist said...

Put it this way: I think the chef, an old roommate the year after we graduated from college, confused a clove of garlic with, like, an entire garlic. It was his first attempt at making Italian food. I was so freaked out that I didn't eat any garlic for the next five years, until I figured out that the problem wasn't mine...