Friday, August 18, 2006

362. Law & Order

Enough about New York, back to a minute.

Last night I turned on the TV to a ubiquitous rerun of "Law & Order." I was just about to change the channel when I noticed that the street behind Dets. Briscoe and Green looked very familiar. They were standing right across from my synagogue! I watched intently as they interrogated the owner of a fake locksmith store, played by a real hardware store. My synagogue was just an extra, no lines at all. Did it get paid for the appearance, or was it just an innocent bystander? This wasn't my first second-degree of separation with L&O; my mother once worked with Jerry Orbach's brother when she was the bookkeeper at a company that made apartment-sized steambaths. (Really.) It's been rumored that all actors who live in New York City eventually either appear on or fail an audition for the show.

Perhaps in some future episode Jack McCoy will wander inside while pursuing a drug dealer, become entranced by the sound of niggunim, and decide to convert. Now that would make an interesting series.

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