Tuesday, November 15, 2005

219. Twirling

Getting back to that Simchat Torah of a few years ago...

The Torah scroll was much lighter than I thought it would be. At first I held it like a child, gently and tightly, afraid it might fall. But everyone around me was moving in a frenzy, and I couldn't stand still--I had to take the chance and jump, sway, fly with the scroll clasped in my arms. Like a scene from a movie, the perimeters of the sanctuary began to recede and blur, and the loud music fall away, until the scroll and I twirled alone in the center of an oasis of dancers.


Regina said...

I remember the feeling I got watching my husband dance with the Torah this Simchat Torah... he looked so scared like he was going to drop it, but then he got into it and started bending his knees a little and swaying- course, the Rabbi's hands on his shoulders helped with that! I was so happy for him and so proud- I felt the honor of even holding the Torah (let alone dancing with it!) go through him into me!

alto artist said...

Very cool!