Tuesday, October 18, 2005

197. Waving

We wave the lulav today as a blessing, said the rabbi this morning at services, and we beat it against the floor on Hoshana Rabbah as a symbol of our sins. Good and bad are within us all, and the lulav represents both--so we wave as high and as low as possible to try and touch our opposite poles. These were comforting thoughts, especially so soon after Yom Kippur. I'd like to think that my soul, after so much prayer and pain and tears, is now cleansed, but I know I missed a few spots, and swept others under the rug. I'll try again on Hoshana Rabbah to banish more negative stuff, but some will surely remain.

Meanwhile, I ate lots of good food with great friends in beautiful sukkot, and will do it all over again tomorrow. Then a day and a half of reality--until Shabbat, once more. It's becoming difficult to imagine November and life with only one holiday per week.

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