Friday, May 27, 2005

84. Bingo

After three hours on the bus we arrived at Club Getaway, a big adult playground in the woods. We were greeted by a cheery woman in hiking boots who invited us to go rock climbing, play tennis, or even live dangerously and strap ourselves into a trapeze-like device and whoosh back and forth twenty feet up in the air. I was much more excited by the heated rooms and solid prefab shower stalls, and unpacked and joined the rest of us inside a large cabin with a sunroof and three open sides. It was the weekend's stand-in for a synagogue, and had probably hosted many more games of human bingo (wander around the room with a list of questions for members of the opposite sex; mark a square on your game card each time you find an answer or make meaningful eye contact with the person queried) than Friday night services.

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alto artist said...

It really is bingo, not kidding. Yes, scary. There are indeed Jewish singles cruises, but they take a lot of guts--if you don't meet anyone you like, you're stuck in the middle of the ocean with nowhere else to go!